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Vespa Turns 65

The 65th Anniversary of one very special brand. The Vespa brand turns 65 on the 23rd of April, history is once again created.

Vespa Italy


Another piece of Vespa History is created

A week dedicated to the Vespa scooter and 65 years of uninterrupted success ends in Rome with a parade of Vespa devotees through the city centre.

The birthday of the world’s most famous best-selling scooter – more than 17 million vehicles sold – is the 23rd of April, the day when the patent that gave the go-ahead to mass production of the very first version, the Vespa 98cc, was filed in Florence.

While the Vespa’s success is closely tied to the history of mobility and changing lifestyles in Italy and around the world, its growth continues unabated: with 133,000 scooters shipped in 2010, eleven thousand more than in 2009, the Vespa has beaten the 100,000 sales threshold every year for the past five years. Its impressive performance stems from a regular flow of new models and versions that has boosted sales figures to almost triple the 50,000 Vespas sold in 2003. And the Italian scooter is set for further growth, with the global expansion of production and sales operations: Vespa production is due to begin in India in 2012, after the opening of the factory for the Vietnamese market in the second half of 2009.

In Rome, under the shadow of the Colosseum and the Imperial Fora, Piaggio is presenting the new Vespa entries for 2011 to the Italian and international press. Together with the Vespa PX – the model that best symbolises the enduring myth of the Vespa with more than 3,000,000 scooters sold worldwide, making the PX the best-selling Vespa ever – three brand new special editions are making their debut: Sport, Touring and Vie della Moda, covering the full Vespa range from 50cc to 300cc in the two classic small-frame and large-frame sizes (vespino and vespone) and targeting three different user classes, so that everyone can choose the Vespa that best suits their personal style.

published 20/04/2011

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