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The Vespa PX150

The Vespa PX150 in our showroom NOW! The PX150 will be available in 4 colours, Red, White, Blue and Black.

The PX remains unique for many reasons, though mainly it's due to its 4 speed manual transmission. A metal body, 2 stroke engine, and that unmistakeable style could also be factors which make the PX a little special.

Those that have been waiting for a manual 2 stroke Vespa to return, your prayers have been answered. Introducing the PX150 from Vespa.

By Vespa Italy 

Since its debut 34 years ago, during which more than three million vehicles have come off the production lines, the Vespa PX has become a symbol – an icon – of Italian design and style.

And like the classics, the few, true classics, the Vespa PX excels at renewing itself without losing its special look and without sacrificing anything to fashion. On the contrary, it is far beyond fashion. Beyond the crowd where others struggle to stand out, to achieve a moment of fame.

19 October 1977: Piaggio launches a radically new Vespa scooter with an extremely modern look and cutting-edge technological content. Named the PX, the new model is initially offered with a displacement of 125 cc, a 2-stroke engine and a price tag of 673,000 lire. Before long, it is joined by the 150 and 200 cc models.

In 1977 Jimmy Carter is elected to the White House, Leonid Brezhnev is named chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union and Amnesty International is awarded the Nobel peace prize. Niki Lauda wins the Formula 1 world championship in a Ferrari, the Clash release their first album and the first Star Wars episode triumphs in movie theatres. From Cape Kennedy, NASA launches the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space probes, which are now 17 and 14 billion km respectively from the Earth, well beyond the edge of the solar system.

Thirty-four years on, the Vespa PX continues its own equally successful journey: the production count has topped the three million mark, including more than one million PX 150 models, the best-selling scooter in the history of the Vespa.

On the roads of the world

For the launch of the Vespa PX at the Milan motor show in 1977, Piaggio built a giant model standing more than 4 metres high, which is still on display at the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera. But the Vespa PX’s vocation as a record-breaker doesn't stop with this oversize version, nor with its extraordinary sales volumes: of the seventeen million Vespa scooters to appear on the world’s roads since 1946, more than three million are Vespa PX models.

254,000 kilometres is the record of Giorgio Bettinelli (1955-2008), an Italian traveller and writer who, in four expeditions recounted in his books "In Vespa" and "Brum Brum" (both published by Feltrinelli), rode around the world on the saddle of his factory Vespa PX. In July 1992 Bettinelli left Rome on his PX to reach Saigon in March 1993. In 1994-95, he covered the 36,000 kilometres from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. In 1995 he left Melbourne in Australia to ride to Cape Town, travelling more than 52,000 kilometres in twelve months. From 1997 to 2001 Bettinelli and his Vespa accomplished an "overland" round-the-world trip, leaving from Chile and ending up in Tasmania, after crossing South America, North America, Siberia, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, and clocking up 150,000 kilometres.

And not many people know that two Vespa PX 200 scooters reached the Paris-Dakar finish line in 1980 (the second edition of the desert "classic"), ridden by M. Simonot and B. Tcherniawsky. The French team organised by Jean-François Piot was assisted by four-time winner of the Le Mans 24-hours, Henri Pescarolo.

A PX to cherish

Present in sales rankings for more than three decades, the Vespa PX excites a passion and pride of possession few other two-wheelers can match. It is the world’s most cherished scooter, inspiring a degree of care and attention that preserves it well beyond the average life-time of any other vehicle and turns it into a cult object. Few people remember which cars were around thirty-four years ago; but in the USA there are still 15,000 Vespa PX scooters on the roads today – sold before 1981 and before the Vespa’s return to the US market in 2000 – kept in excellent condition thanks to the network of “Vespa Vintage Restoration Shops”.

In fact, many PX scooters are still ridden all over the world, bearing witness to this model’s legendary sturdiness and reliability.

Created as a vehicle for the masses and a primary means of transport, today the PX is regarded as a scooter that stands out and makes its rider stand out.

Within the Vespa range, the PX ranks as an "evergreen", a timeless model for the enthusiast who wants a classic Vespa with the traditional four-speed transmission on the handlebar and an unmistakable design that never goes out of style.

published 17/09/2011

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