What sort of licence do I need to ride a scooter?

In Queensland you can ride a scooter up to 50cc on a Car licence, anything over 50cc will require you to have a Motorcycle licence

Is it difficult to get a Motorcycle licence?

In September 2001, the Queensland Government introduced a new initative called Q-Ride. In short, Q-Ride is a competency based training course of between 4 and 6 hours (depending upon your current level of 2 wheel experience), which is designed to equip you with the basic skills and knowledge to operate a motorcycle/scooter on the road. Once you have successfully completed the course you will be awarded a certificate which you can then redeem at any Queesland Transport Customer Service Centre for your licence. The level of licence you are able to attain is dependent upon your age and the length of time you have held your Car licence, a Motorcycle Learners Permit is the only pre-requisite for the Q-Ride course. For further details on Licencing or Q-Ride courses please call us on 07 55712595 or visit our showroom.

What sort of ongoing costs are involved in owning a scooter?

A scooter is one of the cheapest forms of transportation available. For most of our customers it is cheaper than catching public transport and far more flexible and convenient. On average it will cost approximately $4-$6 to travel 100klms. Registration is less expensive than a car and you also stand to make savings on things like maintenance, insurance, parking and more.

How fast will scooters go?

50cc scooters have a limited top speed, which makes them suitable for around town type riding in 40-50-60klm/h zones. The larger engine capacity machines are capable of higher top speeds, most will enable you to travel on the freeway at 100klm/h plus. For more info on which scooter will do the job for you and meet your specific needs, call us on 07 55712595 or visit our showroom.

Are scooters difficult to ride?

Every scooter in our range, with the exception of the Vespa PX200 (a 4 speed manual), has an automatic/C.V.T transmission and the controls are configured as for a push bike, except with a scooter there is no pedalling … just twist and go. Easy!

Where can I see them and can I try one?

We have been involved with scooters since 1995. Since then there has been an explosion of scooters onto the Australian market and their popularity continues to grow. We are in the fortunate position of being one of the first scooter specialist shops in Australia and as such have been able to secure one of the biggest ranges, of the best brands and models in Australia. We also have arguably one of the most impressive scooter showrooms and workshop facilities in Australia.
By visiting our showroom you can view our huge range of scooters in air-conditioned comfort, test-ride in safety (as our premises have a rear driveway to access quiet 50kmh backstreets), relax and weigh up the various options with an authentic espresso coffee and even have your new scooter serviced on-site. Click on the Find Us tab, for directions on how to get to Revolution Scooters.

If I like what I see, how do I go about getting one?

In most cases we have good stock of models and colours on hand. This means that if you cannot wait to own your new scooter … you don’t have to! We also have instant access to registration, which means you can be riding away on your new scooter in 30 to 45 minutes. We can even arrange delivery to your home or work, if you prefer to get accustomed to your new scooter in more familiar surroundings.